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Oh the irony! I posted a thread on what a good little munchkin he has been and now look!

The video I posted a while ago, I did go to see two behaviourists about. One is my Mum's friend, the other who has a grooming parlour about 30mins away. Both said that he's trying to be 'top dog' in the way that if I ask him to go in the kitchen out the way, he tries to nip me to say 'no, I don't want to, so I don't have to, you can't make me go in there'. The same when he tries to leap onto the sofa, I push him down and he tries to nip at me whenever I go to touch him on the sofa as he KNOWS I'm going to ask him to get down.

I have tried having a treat or toy and tempting him down with it, but when he is given it he just tries to leap back onto the sofa with it. If I tell him 'no' in the act he doesn't bat an eyelid, the same for a loud noise, he looks where it came from, then proceeds to dive onto the sofa :doh:.

The advice the behaviourists gave was just to continually push him down, tell him 'no', and that if he does nip, give him a push (not hard) on his muzzle to push his mouth away, he'll try to nip, but to keep pushing him away until he stops. Does this sound right?

Also, whenever I tell him off for something, he still has that big goofy golden smile on him, how do you make sure your dog KNOWS he's being told off?
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