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How to teach "I'm not playing!"

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I have a beautiful and very intelligent 1 year 5 month old golden, who is very very playful. He has mastered all of the basic commands, including come. When he is on a long lead, he will come every time 1st call. However when he is off the leash and I call him he will turn the "come" command into his favorite game: chase me. I try not to play his game but he will suddenly run into neighbors yards, and (my worst nightmare) the road. When I call him he will come lay 10' from me and dart away as soon as i move towards him, wagging his tail and prancing. When he finally does come, I don't want to yell at him and have him associate comming to me as bad. He thinks the whole thing is a game. Any advise on how to teach him to learn when playtime is over? I want to allow him to run in my big yard, but I am so worried of him running into the road and getting hurt. Thanks in advance for any input.
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how about using a longline, and stop him when he's running? now i cant do tat myself, but i know it works for others. (my dog is a guide dog, and if i cant see where the longline is, then i'm kinda in trouble .. a dog run away with a 15 meter plastic cable after him ;)

good luck and enjoy recall training, it is very important.
my doggie has found out i can't se him, so do recall with him unless i go for walks where he doesnt know the erea, is a no-no ... or where it is tons of trash :)

- ranveig and Tino. -
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