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How to teach "I'm not playing!"

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I have a beautiful and very intelligent 1 year 5 month old golden, who is very very playful. He has mastered all of the basic commands, including come. When he is on a long lead, he will come every time 1st call. However when he is off the leash and I call him he will turn the "come" command into his favorite game: chase me. I try not to play his game but he will suddenly run into neighbors yards, and (my worst nightmare) the road. When I call him he will come lay 10' from me and dart away as soon as i move towards him, wagging his tail and prancing. When he finally does come, I don't want to yell at him and have him associate comming to me as bad. He thinks the whole thing is a game. Any advise on how to teach him to learn when playtime is over? I want to allow him to run in my big yard, but I am so worried of him running into the road and getting hurt. Thanks in advance for any input.
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Put him back on a lead immediately and work with him on it. The longer he's off the lead and does this, the longer it will take to break him of it. You won't break him of it if you can't correct him and you can't correct him if don't have him on a lead. It takes some time but he will get it.
I agree 100%. But, My problem is that once on a lead I dont need to reel him in or anything of the sort. As soon as I use his recall word, he comes running everytime.
Thanks for all of the fast replys! It sounds like backing up a few training steps and practice will put us on the right track. I'm looking foward to some good training sessions. :)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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