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How to Identify a Scam

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I want to put together a thread or post to help people coming to this forum recognize what a scam looks like. I want to first say that what I'll be referring to as scams are websites set up to look like they are breeders, but everything about it is fake and it is a system designed to take your money.

The websites have gotten somewhat clever with their names, but every single one follows the same basic format.


They always sound good until you really start paying attention.

This description sounds good at a cursory glance. But it is a bit odd and seems to be missing a lot of crucial elements. Who are these people? Their goals and descriptions are extremely vague.



Looks familiar right?


Here's another!


And another!


Here is a final of another type for good measure. If you start to notice how good sound on the surface but realize that this "About" is missing a lot of vital information. Who are they? In my above example, if you google any part of the about, you will find the original breeder that that came from.

Further, if you click on their "Shipping Page", it is almost always bizarre because there are few breeders they can steal that from. Here is an example:


That format is very odd and different from the "About" in both formatting and tone.

Now, perhaps the most telling part of a scam in every case is how they present their sale puppies. No matter how elaborate the website looks or how convincing (I have seen some scam sites add names/GRCA logo/etc) this will always be the dead giveaway.


Not a single one of these puppies look the same. The backgrounds aren't the same and the prices are LOW. These are designed to look like a good deal, since the going price for pretty much any Golden is twice that or more.


Here is another example.


This one is even funnier because "Adult Weight: 3.5 to 5 lbs".

This brings me to another point: Nearly all of these websites have a "Buy Now" or "Contact Us" option right under the puppy. They like to advertise that puppies are on sale, that they are only "X" price for this week, etc.

I've been meaning to make a post like this because I see people getting scammed weekly. This post doesn't just apply to Goldens, it applies to any breed you want to buy. They prey on people who don't want to pay the market price for puppies. The truth is: all of these images are stolen and your puppy does not exist. You will never get whatever money they con you into putting into this fake dog back. I'm going to add the breeders I used for this post and I will add more to the list as I come across them.

If anybody else wants to add, feel free.

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Kenley's Golden Retrievers Home (added Apr 17, 2023)
Mcnells Golden Retrievers Home (added May 25, 2023)
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Anyone knows about this breeder from Austin Texas: My Golden Retriever Pups? Would like to know if it’s reliable???
Based on price alone this is almost certainly a scam. Both well-bred and poorly bred puppies are going for at least $2000 now ($2500+ is more common). Anything less than $1500 is almost certainly a “take your money and run” situation…
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Thank you Lisa.
we asked for a video call and asked my golden retriever pups people to show us the dog, they replied saying it is reserved. But later when my friend posted the message enquiring about the puppy, they said available. That itself is suspicious. Even we thought how come for $450 dollars.
So anyone who is looking, be careful with this site:
My Golden Retriever Pups
This is a really well thought out and put together post! LOVE THIS!!
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I am looking for another golden puppies someone had some for sale. I asked the price and the lady didnt tell me that at first. She started talking about PRA and how all her dogs are clear and the puppies are registered and dont have it. Then she said the puppes were $100 and that we could VENMO or PayPal her the money. And then asked for the money before we got to see the pups. Then she sent pictures of the puppies and they were not even close to looking like littermates. And one was about 2x bigger than the others. I knew it was a scam when she kept asking for the money,and the puppies being that cheap.
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Wow its been nearly a year since I last added one!
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Yikes! It’s like they’re not even trying to hide the fact that English isn’t their first language. From their home page:

Who We Are
The amazing house uncomparable to get your puppy as soon as possible. The past records of Kenleys Golden Retrievers Home produce good trade records resulting from their review page and other personal infor backgrounds. Despite all the majors taken due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, our purpose, vision, and experiences are still very high giving us prior advantages above all as a qualified and professional breeder.
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I found another one ill find it again. Some lady was scammed out $3,500.
Has anyone dealt with Mcnells Golden Retrivers ( They are supposedly located in Minnesota. Are they a scam?
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Has anyone dealt with Mcnells Golden Retrivers ( They are supposedly located in Minnesota. Are they a scam?
Yes it’s a scam, I’m adding it to the list
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Yes it’s a scam, I’m adding it to the list
Okay, thank you!
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