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How to humiliate yr dogs,in 4 pictures!!!

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Take 2 dogs:

Add a fat lizard:

Put them together & VOILA!!!

1st,Priska who,still,manages to smile!:

Then,Titus who is lowering his head,in an attempt,to prepare the perfect crime!:

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LOL!!! Is that your pet lizard???
haha awesome pics! I love your dogs, you should post more pics of them :)
Excellent pics! That lizard would be coming out the other end around here. Ewww...
Priska and Titus are very patient with their mother's whims. Gorgeous pups you have there.
Cute pictures and cute lizzard.

I think Penny would be okay with it too; she never bothers toads.

I think they are very proud of being so well-behaved!
Excellent pics! That lizard would be coming out the other end around here. Ewww...
ROFL I was thinking the same thing... Cody would think......yum, treat.
The looks on both of their faces is priceless. Priska looks like nothing would faze her. Titus is hoping you will turn your head for 2 seconds. YUMMY!!
Yes,I'm very lucky to have 2 very patient and well trained dogs but Titus was not IMPRESSED,AT All but Priska will take anything I do,in stride!.
Did lizard survived performance?
oh fun! The Pud now wants a pet lizard, too. Of course, the poor thang wouldn't live very long...

btw, what species of lizard is it? It looks like it has a regenerated tail, maybe? Pretty creature :)
hehe... poor, abused puppies!!!!
Did lizard survived performance?
Yes he did and was release,on the other side of the gate,just to be,on the safe side!!!.
Too funny and I love your Hovawart as much as your Golden!
Too cool!! Great Pics!!
Hate to say it but we would have kept the lizard :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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