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For general fieldwork information in the US, visit the GRCA website:
GRCA-Field Education Committee

For fieldwork information in Canada, visit the GRCC website:
Angus1 | The Golden Retriever Club of Canada

Find local retriever clubs:
AKC Clubs for retriever hunt tests, spaniel hunt tests, etc: American Kennel Club - Field Events
NAHRA Clubs for retriever field tests: Find a Club
HRC (part of UKC) hunt tests: Welcome to Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.
** some clubs can be members of multiple associations: AKC and NAHRA and HRC.

Find local events in your area:
Entry Express Event Management Systems
Or visit the local club websites.
Anyone is welcome to visit an event. Please don't bring a dog that isn't entered. Do bring a chair to sit and watch. Offer to help set up, tear down, or carry stuff around as needed to various locations around the grounds. Do not wear white or light colors. Yes we use live birds at most events.

Here's some questions I had when I was starting out.
1. What's the difference between a hunt test, field trial or field test?
Hunt tests are held by AKC and HRC. Field trials are only AKC. Field tests are NAHRA events. All events have different levels depending on the dogs ability. Tests are pass/fail. Trials have the judges rank the dogs in order of ability.
2. How long of a day is a test or trial?
A lot depends on how many dogs are entered and how early in the day they start. Some start early at 8:30, some later at 10 am. They generally go all day unless there aren't a lot of entries. All that information can be found in the event premium. The premium can be found on the local event links above. You will have to create a login to access the information. When you find an event you are interested, look for a link on the page that says premium. That premium will list where, when, etc. for the event.
3. What does a dog have to do at a test or trial?
Most everything a dog will do in a test or trial is either a retrieve a bird they can see getting tossed in the air and land on the ground or water. At a higher level they will also do something called a blind. This means the handler of the dog will direct the dog to a location a bird has been hidden. The dog handler will use whistles and hand signals to direct the dog to the bird.

If you have any additional questions just post them on this forum and someone will be happy to answer them for you!
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