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how to ditch the baby fat?

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My Sophia is 10months old (TODAY!), she has what I like to call pudgy spots. When she runs her back fat looks like it jiggles (I know not the most flattering description) and she has a roll around her neck/ collar area.

At first I thought that since she's on the shorter side maybe she would stretch out and up a bit more, maybe grow into her skin but I dunno.

She's on good food (Acana- Grasslands) 3 1/2 cups daily and gets plenty of exercise, she weights 59 pounds. When I feel for ribs I don't really feel them.
Here is a picture, you can see the roll around her neck.

And a video of her wet, she looks over weight to me. Could this just be an awkward growth phase?

Thanks much!
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I would also agree she is overweight. Decrease the food a bit and up the exercise! Good for you for being aware of this.

I just want to point out that although jwemt was feeding 3 cups a day to her puppies and jen feeds her dogs 2 cups a day, my golden was eating 4 cups a day of a high quality food up until 2 years old so it is possible for some dogs to eat a lot of food and still be skinny, however that's besides the point. I just wanted people who may read this thread to realize it's ok if they happen to be feeding more than 3 cups a day AND the circumstances warrant it.
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