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How to control excessive puppy excitement

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I know what most people will say...she's still a puppy, that's normal :)

My 12 week's golden get's super excited whenever she sees people or dogs. It's getting a pain when i'm walking her. A lot of people are trying to pet her, but i'm not sure how to handle it, how to calm her down.

She does the same thing when people visit. My mom's visiting for a few weeks and she's been here for over 3 days. My pup's still gets super excited every time my mom walks in the room and she jumps on her and wont stop.

I usually try to draw her attention to something else, but it only works for a minute or two, then she runs back to her.

I'm pretty sure she'll grow out of it, or at least get a lot less excited when she's older. But i'd like to hear some thoughts on do's and dont's to make sure i dont make things worst

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I agree with Noey.

Don't try to distract her, but teach her that all good things come to dogs who sit.

She sits (you may need to train this first), she gets a treat.
She sits, she gets pet by someone she wants to greet.
She sits, she gets her dinner.

etc When she breaks her sit, she stops being pet, rewarded etc until she sits again.

It is always amazing to me how fast that butt can hit the ground once a dog has been trained :)
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