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how many balls?

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Harvey had no real interest in tennis balls until last week and now all of a sudden, he is crazy about them. He's hoarding them. He usually has 2 in his mouth and can put 3 in for a short amount of time. The other night he had 3 in his mouth and was laying on top of about 5 more like a hen on eggs. lol

Just wondering how many balls your dog usually has in his mouth? Someone at the dog park told me that it's a golden thing to put 3 in the mouth like that so I was just curious.
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I once saw a picture of a Golden with 5 tennis balls in his mouth! The advantages of having floppy lips :)

Hudson didn't like tennis balls for a long time either. Now he gets them and tears them to pieces. I wish he would just play nice.
Rookie would peel and then destroy them if he was allowed to have them in the house. He only gets them when we're playing fetch outside. He's actually not that crazy about tennis balls. He'll only chase them a few times before getting bored. He does like the ones with a squeaker in them though.
a couple weeks ago Bridger was finally able to carry 2 (will post the pic later). He was so proud - he has tried forever to get two when he's in the river, ends up pushing one. He has a smaller head than a "real" golden.
Noah loves to try two, going for three. Scout is working on two.

He can carry 3 stuffed toys at it must be a golden much can I hold.
He's hoarding them. He usually has 2 in his mouth and can put 3 in for a short amount of time. The other night he had 3 in his mouth and was laying on top of about 5 more like a hen on eggs. lol
Hahahahaha....that sounds just like Nash. He can fit a medium sized kong plus 2 Cuz balls in his mouth, then he brings them to his "lair' under the kids climbing equipment and then runs out to collect some more. He's as fast as lightening, too. He will zip in and steal the ball right from under Biscuit's nose before Biscuit even realizes that it's missing.

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Donna, Finn can hold four tennis balls, but three is more the norm. He doesn't do the usual method, though; he stacks them one atop the other. I think he's really a snake with a retractable jaw. He can find an old tennis ball buried under a foot of leaf litter from 1/4 mile away (and did today:)). His daily goal is to find at least one errant ball at our local tennis court, and he's usually successful....hence the 180 tennis balls in my garage!!!
Cooper is tennis ball crazed. He will carry 2 or 3, and nose along another few. Once he gets to where hes going with them he throws the 3 in his mouth, and starts running around playing with them all at once. Its pretty funny to watch.
Two of mine (the girls) often have two! Brook likes to carry a couple balls and a stuffy too! LOL
never had more than three balls for him to try. the ones in his mouth are larger than tennis balls
My current goldens are kind of pikers when it comes to number of balls or kongs, but if you're looking at endurance - Kyra wins. There is always a large size kong or tennis ball in her mouth unless she's asleep.

My heart golden, Tasha, was the queen of sticks. She would stack and arrange driftwood forever in order to get 7 or so pieces in her mouth. It was all in the arrangement! One time she dragged home a 6-foot hunk of a fir tree 6 blocks home from the beach. We had a really hard time waiting for the crosswalk light to change at the highway and everyone was laughing at us.
Murphy can barely fit 1 in his mouth, but he's making a valiant effort to try for 2. It's so funny to watch him, lol.
Obi is obsessed with tennis balls. As of today, he is only able to fit 2 in his mouth. But when he's playing with other toys, it's nothing for him to have 3 things stuffed in there.
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