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How far do you walk your puppies

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It seems Bailey likes to walk when I take my 3 year old in the stroller. Without stroller she just doesn't want to walk.
Now how far do you walk with your puppies. Bailey is 14 weeks old. Yesterday I walked with her one mile we stopped sometimes to watch around and it took us 40 minutes. I did the same walk this morning with her.
We have mainly concrete walk ways in our area.


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I never really timed or paid attention to how far I walk Bailey. I mostly take her down a very sandy dirt road. She loves every minute of it and has the zoomies everytime, I use the retractable leash for the dirt road and let her have fun. It's hard teaching her how to heel on the dirt road.LOL Bailey is never tired out and is always trying to get ahead of me. The paved road is a whole another story. She pulls and tries to get home quickly, I'm working on her getting to heel. It's .7 miles the short way and 1.5 miles the long way around the block on the paved road.
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