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How do I get him used to sleeping outside of his crate?

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Obi has slept in his crate at night since the day we brought him home. The past couple of nights, I've tried introducing him to sleeping outside the crate, in my bedroom w/door shut. It has been a disaster. Even with all the lights out, tv off, etc. he thinks it is playtime. He will only settle down and sleep when he is back in his crate. Even during the day he won't chill out and lay on the floor, unless he is super tired. He seems to only chill when he's in his crate. Is that normal?!

Anyway, Is this something I should give up on for now(sleeping outside the crate at night) and try again when he's a bit older? Thanks!
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just ignore him?

also, are you wearing him out before bedtime?
What type of crate is this? Is it a wire crate or a plastic crate?

I ask because this is what my neighbor did years ago. He was using a plastic crate. And one day he removed the top half of the crate. He let the dog adjust to that for several weeks... with the top removed he put a dog bed in the lower portion of the crate. Another several weeks passed. Then one day he removed the lower half of the crate and just left the pad in the spot where the crate had stood. He said that the transition went very smoothly.
I want to take the crate down also. It takes up so much room upstairs. I tried this with Bailey this last week for two nights. I found out that she has insomina and when she is awake, she wants the rest of us awake too. Bailey will go room to room, jump up on the bed, tail wagging, and licking our faces. I guess that is not going to work out, so back into the crate she went. That didn't go so well either, she barked every hour to get out. I guess she'd rather have her freedom.
From day 1 Crockett always slept in his crate with the door closed. We would say " kennel" and he would get in the crate and we would close the door. He was also in there when we were gone

We don't put him in the crate when we leave now and hes just fine during the day.

He usually falls asleep on our bed, but will get up during the night and stand by my head and stare at me. (Some how I can sense him there) He wants to go to bed but has to have my permission. So I say, "Kennel Crockett" and he will get in his crate and lay down. I think its funny that he has to have my pemission to go to bed!
Wear him out a ton before bed. Ignore him. Close the bedroom door or baby gate it off so he can't wander the house at night. No toys in the bedroom. It may take a few nights til he gets it... but with consistency from you, he should!
also, we did crate door open and bedroom door shut. she still slept in her crate a number of nights, esp. when very tired.
we just keep the door open. They go in and out. The crate is a secure place they feel safe. Noah has no need for the crate never liked it. Scout hates it with the door shut, but likes to sleep in it at random with the door open.
Thank You for the advice. I can't imagine how I can ignore him when he's bouncing around on the bed, pulling the covers off & trying to grab & toss the pillows around. lol
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