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I have a foster with a similar background and she just did not know to 'hold it'. While I would definitely have her checked for an UTI, what worked for my little one was
treating her as a puppy

1) Crating when I could not watch her
2) Bringing her out every hour or so
3) Bringing her out after she eats
4) Bringing her out after playing

She now trusts (after 3-4 months) that she will be able to go out when needed and has become very good at signalling - she still needs a bit of work if she signals (she runs to the back door) and no one is paying attention but can generally go several hours as long as we are around her. She is still not reliable given free reign at night but is fine when in my room with the door closed.

I think they just need time to learn the whole 'hold it' idea and to develop those muscles :)
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