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Ok so I've had my golden retriever puppy for 5 months now and she's really smart but sometimes she doesn't wanna listen. So she knows basic things like coming when called although sometimes she won't come no matter how much you call her, usually when someone's in the kitchen and she's like staring at them eating. She knows sit and lie down but she barely does those tricks. I've been trying to teach them to her for 5 months straight but she only does them sometimes and you have to repeat sit or lie down a lot of times. She knows how to fetch really well and she always brings the ball to me. She knows drop it really well and leave it. She rarely ever does her business in the house anymore but sometimes she pees in the house because she has a weak bladder since she's still a puppy so it's understandable. We are not sure though how to housebreak her because we know she has a weak bladder. How do I explain this? Ok so when she was younger like 2 months old we put her every 3 hours or so out on the terrace for her to do her business. In 2 weeks she only did her business on the terrace unless we didn't take her out there in time. At night she slept in a separate hallway from the rest of the house so she didn't hurt herself in the living room or do her business at night in the house. She still sleeps in that hallway since she has a weak bladder because she's still a puppy. It would be impossible for her to hold it in for 8 hours or so. We were planning on banning the terrace when she turns 7 months old or so because then puppies have the bladder of a grown up dog. But I fear that no matter how long we're outside she'll wait until we put her on the terrace to do her business since that's how it is now. We walk her 4 times a day for 15 min or 20 and she won't do her business outside no matter what. Once we were outside for like 4 hours and she wouldn't to her business outside. She's played with other dogs and seen them do their business outside but she won't learn from them. I don't know how to housebreak her from the terrace and get her to do her business near a tree or on the grass. I want her until she turns 7 months old to do her business outside and on the terrace if that's possible. Sometimes I even think that she can hold it in like a grown up dog but I know she can't. This is her doing her business schedule now:
7 am - Someone takes her out for 15 min before her meal. She doesn't do her business outside. We put her on the terrace so that she doesn't do it in the house.
7.15 am - She eats.
Noon - Someone takes her out for 15 or 20 min. She doesn't do her business outside. We put her on the terrace.
3 pm - She has her second meal.
3:30 pm - I take her out for 15 or 20 min. She doesn't do her business outside. I put her on the terrace.
7 pm - I take her out again for 15 or 20 min. She doesn't do her business outside. I put her on the terrace.
11 pm - We put her to sleep in the hallway since we have to get to our own stuff like sleeping or something. At night she sometimes pees in the hallway.

She only does her tricks when:
I have food in my hands to give her.
Usually only barely does them when I have dog food in my hands.
Only comes when called if someone has food in their hands or a toy.
If she's lying down and you grab her by the collar she immediately sits for some reason.
She only lies down when you're tapping the floor and she's in a sitting position.

What do I do? How do I housebreak so she does her business mostly outside and not on the terrace? How do I teach her tricks so she knows them perfectly? I don't want a trainer since I'm probably capable of teaching to her by myself since she already knows them.

Thank you! :--big_grin:

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Usually by the time a puppy is five months old the pup should be able to hold it through the night. Today most people use a crate. The crate is a very small area and pups do not like to soil the area they are going to sleep in. This helps them want to hold it until they are out of the crate. Your hallway may be to big of an area so your pup feels comfortable going potty in one area as the area is big enough so the pup isn't forced to be near it.
(Since the pup is 5 months I would suggest you may want to have a vet visit to make sure your pup doesn't have a UTI.
It sounds like for day time you have really done a great job of training your pup to only go on the terrace. Unfortunately if you want your pup to go outside you will have to start completely over as if the pup is only the age you got her.
Starting over.
Take her outside when she gets up. (if she doesn't go bring her back in and put her in the crate) wait ten minutes and do this again. You may have to do this over and over again until she finally goes. Then you praise her and reward with a big party right there. No more terrace or she will continue to potty there as this is what you have taught her.

On the subject of sit and down if she doesn't do it on the first request or without food she does not really know the commands.
You are not being consistent and clear.


In the beginning have the treat in your hand. (held in between the thumb and index finger. Move your hand from her nose up above her head and when she sits say yes and give her the treat. After she does this a few times (using the lure) continue to use the lure from her nose to above her head saying yes when her butt hits the floor but now feed her from your other hand. After a day or two of practice like this now move your hand from her nose to above her head (no food in the hand) food in other hand behind your back, When she sits say yes bring the food from behind your back in that other hand and give her the reward.

The motion of moving your hand from her nose to above her head becomes a hand signal which will then mean sit. To then get the word sit to also be used as a cue say the word sit then use the hand signal then feed the reward from the other hand behind your back. Once the pup sits on the word you don't have to use both the word and the hand signal. You can use either or.
It takes 500 repetitions for a pup to really understand a behavior. So you want 500 (over time not all in a week) :) of asking for a sit and her doing it. (ONLY ASKING ONCE)

Figure out a hand signal for your down and do the same.

Be consistent. Only ask once.

Once you know your pup gets it you only use your signal once or your word once. If the pup doesn't do as you ask, say a release word such as free or okay and do not give the reward. You have to be consistent
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