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Hot Spots and Food Allergy Questions

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This is my first time posting here. I have a beautiful 9 year old Golden named Emmie. A week ago, she developed a little sore on her right cheek for no reason I could see. I cleaned it, treated it and it appeared to be well on its way to going away when my husband just noticed a large area of blood on the same cheek. I think she scratched it. It got much bigger since she scratched it, but she is now being treated for it and it seems to be healing. Also that ear is a little red inside the flap though I'm not sure if it's because she was scratching her hotspot. Emmie only had one hotspot in her life before this and it was due to a bee sting. Ironically, it was on about the same area. At any rate, my question is can a food allergy cause a hot spot? Emmie usually eats Wysong kibble every evening, but in the last couple of weeks, I have begun feeding her a half can of Nature's Variety Prairie style food in addition to the Wysong. I did a lot of research on foods before choosing that one and she seems to love it. I'm just asking because my DH was wondering if the new food could have caused this hot spot. I'll admit the timing seems suspicious, but I was thinking that if it was the food, she would be having issues all over her body and not just in one area, much like when we get hives. Is he right? Could it be a food allergy? Thanks for any advice and/or insight you can give me!
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It could be a food allergy, although generally the food allergy will cause itchiness in more places than one.

Sounds like a good plan to take her off it and see what happens. Nature's Variety is a very good brand of dog food so it was a good choice to try.
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