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Hoping for Good Ultrasound News!

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Fingers crossed that we will be expecting a litter! The long weekend threw a monkey's wrench in my progesterone testing. Sooo Kali was bred this week and I am crossing everything that it will work. So if things are going our way puppies are due in November.

I am too excited about this breeding and cannot wait to ultrasound and find out for sure!! :)
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yahooo, paws crossed! I think you have the most AWESOME dogs!
Thanks Barb! I am hoping it will be a really nice litter with some show prospects.
Paws crossed for you! Should be a nice litter!!!!!!!!!

Loved your site, the dogs are beautiful!
Fingers and paws crossed for you and Kali from Maddie and I.
WOW, love the pedigree! Argggh, I knew I should have waited. lol.

Fingers crossed for you. The puppies are going to be soooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!
Fingers crossed for you. Looks like a beautiful breeding! Can't wait to see the puppies!
Good luck!
LOL Beargroomer! Thank you all for you good luck wishes! I am certainly hoping for some pups in there!
Good luck, but I'm going to apologize in advance for not looking at the future puppy thread, those are going to be hard to resist puppies! They'll make everyone want a new puppy.
Oh Ash, these are going to be star pupies. Ryder is gorgeous, and I keep hearing how sound and sturdy his pups' orthopedics turn out( as we know, my puppy searching/networking is a little obsessive). Kali is sooo beautiful, and your last litter turned out amazingly well. Hopefully, mother nature is gving Kali her green light!
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