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Phiddler....I personally....understand what you mean when you say .......
I feel guilty saying this having had dogs my whole life and loving them. But I almost feel like I didn't have a dog before Zip. truely seems sad to say that...and its not like I didn't love my dogs before...but this love seems "special"...:) I got it!! ;)

Goldenowner12.... hmmmm...I guess that is where we would disagree! ;)
I think my biggest love of how wonderful they are with kids and how they seem to "know" they are "kids!" Exspecially with my youngest who is only 2 and a half!

Ilovemydogs.....I love my Cadence....but dog hair in my food is a NO GO!! LMAO!! My brother in law has the same sign!! LOL
21 - 22 of 22 Posts