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Holly is almost here!

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We didn't start out looking for a Christmas puppy but we found one and expect to bring her home on December 20th. Originally we were to get a female from a breeding done at Pekay Goldens - puppies expected mid-November with mid-January delivery. As it turned out it was a false pregnancy so it looked like we would be waiting for another six months or so to get a puppy from the Pekay line (important to us).

Kitty Cathey, owner of Pekay Goldens, referred us to Coach's Goldens (someone she has worked with for 18 years) who just happened to have puppies born October 25th - the sire was the same dog that was the stud in the planned Pekay breeding that didn't happen and the dam is the sister of the Pekay female that had the false pregnacy - the exact same bloodline!

We will get to meet Holly (her registered name will be Coach's Holiday Surprise) next weekend when she will be six weeks old. Below is a photo of five of the litter (not sure she is in the photo or not)


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Congratulations! The puppies are adorable, and I bet you can hardly wait to meet your Holly. Glad you were able to find a puppy from the lines you wanted. Please remember to share lots of pics as your adventure continues. Some of us kind of need puppy fixes around here.
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