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Holiday and Spirit at the Park Yesterday

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Just cell phone pics, but still figured I'd share.

Starlite and Crystal (foster white dog) had to stay home because of being freshly altered.

Rig was here, but he was sunbathing :)


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what a HAPPY looking crew there Jenna! :) It looks like everyone had a great time!
The dog with the black coat. He's gorgeous. Is that a german shepherd mix? I really think he's a handsome boy! Wow!!
He is a purebred long haired German Shepherd Dog- a bi-color :) he is almost five months old.
All of the dogs look great! But he just really stood out to me. That tongue, too! lol. My mom would go crazy over him, she loves German shepherds.
Oh Jenna I know Spirit isn't all black but he is the spit of the long haired black GSD my best friend had when we were growing up. My god I loved that dog, we had such a special bond. My friend and I were next door neighbours so I used to practically live at their house just to see him friend lost interest in him after a couple of months and her mum couldn't handle him so after a few years he was sent off to be a police dog..apparently...he was sent SOMEWHERE anyway. Broke my heart. He once got out of their garden and they had to come and call for me to come and get him as he wouldn't come to anyone soon as he saw me he just about bowled me over...I will always love that dog! I nearly well up when I see your pictures of Spirit! He is so beautiful and just reminds me so much of Magic.
Wonderful pictures and looks like they all had a grand time.
Looks like they all had a great time! Love the pictures.
Looks like a great day to be one of your pack. I'm sure they had a blast.
Thank you for sharing! They look so happy playing together! :)
Emma, Magic sounds like he was such a special dog. GSDs are truly incredible animals!!!
Thanks for sharing the pictures Jenna!! Looks like they had alot of fun!!! :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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