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hello there, i'm new to this forum :wavey: hope I am posting in the appropriate section. My husband and I have been researching in the last 6 months for a Golden Retriever puppy and have spent time choosing what we think are the best breeders. We live in Australia.

We found one that we liked and she has just informed me that she has a litter. We have reserved a puppy but I'm still nervous about the hip and elbows. I've been in a situation where I did not do enough research before getting a puppy and the puppy ended up with serious health troubles so I really would like to start off on the right foot this time. I know that hip and elbow dysplasia are both diseases where more than genetics are factored in, I've researched that environment and puppy upbringing can also be major factors in determining HD and ED but I'd really like to do as much research as I can before making my decision.

Can anyone please help me analyze the hip scores of the parents and tell me if they are ideal?

Here are the hip scores:

Hips - 3:1 (4)
Elbows - 0:1 (1) - is this a worry?

Hips - 3/3 (6)
Elbows - 0:0

Here are the hip scores of the grandparents:

Grandparents of sire
Hips - 6:3 (9) and 5:7 (12)
Elbows both 0:0

Grandparents of dam
Hips - 1:1 (2) and 3:5 (8)
Elbows both 0:0

I am also able to look up the lineage dating back a few generations. On the sire's side, the last few generations (grandparents and great grandparents) all seem to have a hip score average of below 16 (with 16 being the highest in only one of the dogs). On the dam's side 14 is the highest score in one set of great-grandparents, though a sibling of one of those great-grandparents has a hipscore of 23. Highest hip score I can see out of both sets is a 18:7, dating way back in the lineage (great great grandparents). Not all the siblings hip scores are listed of course, but there is quite a bit of information on a lot of the lineages.

Elbows for both sets seem to have a good rep - I can mostly see 0:0s on the dam's side, with one grade 3 occuring in a sibling of a set of great great grandparents (so way back in the lineage).

Elbows for the sire's side look OK too, almost all 0:0 from the data I see, a couple of 1's in the great grandparents and great great grandparents, but not too many.

My question is, based on this information would you consider it a good idea to purchase a puppy from this breeder? She seems reputable - has been breeding for a long time and is active in the show ring with her dogs.

Again I know that other things such as temperament comes into play (which her dogs have FANTASTIC personalities from the ones I've met) but I am so nervous about the hips and elbow issues that goldies seem to be susceptible too so I'd like to do AS MUCH proofing as possible, I am realistic though and I know sometimes these things just come down to luck.

Sorry this was a little bit of an essay, any and all advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!!!!!!!
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