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I'm Jenn. My family has a 13 1/2 week old golden retriever. We got him from Dichi Goldens in Wisconsin. His name is Teddy. He is a ton of fun and can be quite a handful as expected. :)

I'm looking forward to posting and getting to know you all. pictures coming soon in the picture forum.

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Hi Jenn and welcome to a great place to get support (many need it during puppyhood:)) and have fun bragging about your puppy. I think there are a number of Dichi pups on this forum, so you're in good company.
Welcome to the forum,
Congratulations on your new puppy. Take lots of pictures, enjoy that time because he will grow up so fast. There is a wealth of information in the puppy section and training section of the forum to help raise your puppy.
Welcome from Georgia Jenn and Teddy:wavey:. I will be looking forward to seeing pictures of your pup and hearing about all of the adventures in store fore you!

Glad you are here.
Al & Tuff Dog
Welcome to the forum!! I'm pretty sure there are quite a few Dichi Goldens here on the forum - beautiful dogs!!! Please post pictures :)
Welcome from CT :) Hope you find this site as wonderful as I do ...
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