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hi new member here!

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I am Maria from NE PA, just a quick note to say hello,and hope to get to know everyone alittle bit better,,

have a golden day,maria
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Hi! From SW part of PA. You'll love it here-Great people!! :wavey:
Welcome from Georgia Maria:wavey: Glad to have you here. So I would guess that being your are here.... you either have a Golden friend or are planning to get one?

Al & Tuff Dog
Hello and welcome from the south-east of PA.
Hello and welcome! Look forward to getting to know you as well!
Welcome from me and the boys from Maine. If no one mentioned it we love golden pictures here. Please make yourself at home.
Hello and Welcome,
glad you have joined us. Do you have a golden or are you looking for one? We have alot of great people here that can help you if you are looking. And if you have a pup we would love to see pictures of him/her.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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