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HI, just found this website

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Casey. When I first met my husband, he had a golden retriever. She was the best dog ever! But sadly she past away when she was just alittle over 6 years old. She had some kind of blood disorder.

We are currently looking for a new member to add to our family. We have a son, and we would love to get him a golden to grow up with.

Well thats all I can think of right now.
Going to go visit around this site.
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Hi just thought id say welcome to the site im pretty new at this also, like you i have a young son, 3 infact!! aged 10. 8. and 3years. we also have millie our 11 month old golden and she is just fantastic with our boys, we couldn't have found a better dog to join our family, they really are the perfect family pet! Goodluck finding a golden and send some photos of your new addition, when he/she arrives. i have posted a couple of photos of millie in the puppy gallery section, ill have to update them to the older dog gallery as shes getting a big girl now, take care.
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