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Hi from Norfolk, UK

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Hello All.

My wife and I are the proud new owners of beautiful golden puppy. We get to take her home on Oct 31. Her name is Lucy.

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hello and welcome Lucy is adorable, I'm Tracey mum to four Goldens
Welcome! Lucy is a cutie. Hope to see more pics of her soon.
Hi and welcome!!! Lucy iis adorable!!! :)
Owww Lucy is a real cutie welcome to the forum from another brit I am Tracey Mum to Honey GR and Jade GD.

Welcome to the Forum

Where about's in Norfolk are you.

This site really does help you keep sane, and great for sharing a problem and getting advice.
Hello and welcome to little Lucy from Magic and Jazz in the Midlands. :wavey:
Hi and welcome to you and Lucy, she's really cute!!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures together:).

By the way, are you a hooligan, do you have hooligans living with you (such as children, other pets, wife etc), or are you hoping Lucy will be one?? ;)

Oh yes, I'm Tanya and have two goldens Obi and Izzie and my daughter has Lexi from our recent litter (pictured below). She's 5 months now.

she is guwjus, makes me want another goldie, im owner of 1 ,angel, from suffolk
We live in Feltwell. We're really excited and can't wait to bring her home.

As for my nickname, It's what i use on all my forums, referring to the way I ride motorcycles. Although I just recently sold my moto, so no more terrorizing the motorways for a bit. ;)
Welcome to the forum,
Lucy is just adorable. Get your sleep now because she will keep you on your toes for the next year. There is a wealth of information in the puppy section and training section of the forum but if you cant find it just jump in and ask away.

I have 3 goldens Daisy 8?, Pawley 2.6 yrs and Bama 2.3 yrs. Also do rescue work for a golden rescue here.
Hi and welcome - Lucy looks so cute. Is she your first golden?
Welcome! I am a new member too, from NYC, with a 6 month old golden named Jax and a brand new 3 month old golden named LUCY ALSO!
Welcome! Lucy is gorgeous! Can not wait to see more pictures when you bring her home!
hiya welcome to the site, i am in the uk too. We have a 6 mth golden retriever. Lucy looks really cute, i am sure you will have lots of fun with her.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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