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Hi from Germany

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Hi everyone. I am Karly's mom. She is almost 14 weeks old. She is a very sweet girl who we added to our family after our 5 year old Golden "Jake" passed away from Leukemia a couple months ago. We have had her for almost 6 weeks now and have gone through a lot with her already. She came to us with worms, Giardia and Coccidia. We thought we did a good job picking a breeder. We are in contact with others who have dogs from the same litter and their pups have the same issues. Karly is now gaining weight and is a happy pup with some catching up to do with her size. She was weighed yesterday at the vet and is 12 1/2 lbs. We know that is pretty small for almost 14 weeks old but she is gaining about 2 lbs per week. She is such a joy and our 6 year old lab "Sandy" is a great role model for her. We love this forum and have already gotten such great info on a variety of subjects that have helped us with Karly. We currently live in Kaiserslautern Germany and head back to the states in June of next year.:wave:


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Welcome to the board.

I hope Karly will get straighten out soon and can be a healthy little pup from here on in.

I am sorry to read about the passing of your Jake. 5 years old is still so young.
Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry about your Jake.

Hope Karly gets better soon so she can grow up healthy and strong, she's a cutie :)
Hello and welcome! I'm fairly new here also but had to reply when I read that you are in Kaiserslautern. My father was stationed there during my middle school years and I have such fond memories. I was born in Landstuhl and still have relatives in the Ulm area but haven't been back since the 80's. Karly is a cutie and does look like a happy pup!
Welcome aboard.
I can tell you need to set you shutter speed on FAST to capture a shot of that little cutie!!
Welcome from Ontario, Canada!! Karly is such a cutie - I'm sorry you have had health difficulties, hopefully they will all clear up soon!! Keep posting pictures :)
Welcome to the forum,
Your little girl is so cute and I can see why you fell in love with her. Glad that she is improving and gaining weight now. There is a great amount of information in the puppy section and training section of the forum for help with raising her. But if you cant find your answer just post away. I am so sorry for your loss of Jake.

I'm so sorry about Jake. Five years is not nearly long enough, but I'm sure it is enough to have plenty of fond memories. Karly is a little cutie! Those ears cracked me up!
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