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Hi from California!

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Hello, I'm Leah and obviously I'm new here, along with my almost 10 month old golden Kaylee. We have a really happy story with how she became a part of our family.

I have always loved/wanted a golden retriever, and never been able to afford a purebred (or find any in shelters, it's nearly impossible at least where I am). So my boyfriend and I had ended up adopting a 3 year old beagle we got attached to, but ended up having aggression issues and attacking our son. Needless to say we couldn't keep him. Naturally we were my best friend (who had just gotten herself a golden pup) went and bought us our then 4 month old bundle of golden joy for an Easter gift! She's been the best thing to happen to our family, and the sweetest, snuggliest pal for any girl :) Here are some pics of our baby Kaylee.

And Kaylee with her best friend Gracie

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We welcome you and Kaylee to this board. We hope you enjoy it here. Thanks for posting the pictures, she is very cute !
Hi there, that is a great story! Kaylee is beautiful!

Welcome to the forum. Looks like your son has found himself a great best friend.... nothing better than kiddos and golden puppers. Join in the discussions and have some fun..... you'll find alot of super nice, super knowledgeable people here.
Welcome! Your girl is a doll!
Welcome to you and Kaylee. I love watching my youngest son with our gang. They are always laying around together.
Thanks everyone! And yes, her and my son are definitely partners in crime. What part of Cali are you guys from?? I'm new to Cali as well and would love to have some golden friends in the future.
Leah, that is a wonderful story of how Kaylee came to be with you! She is such a beautiful girl! They sure are the best snugglers, what a great pic of her and your son!
Thanks! :) Those two are definitely joined at the hip, and she came to us at exactly the right time for him. He was heart broken at us having to get rid of the beagle, and I think he thought it was his own fault (he would cry and promise not to bother the dog, which was heart breaking because he should be able to play with his own pet without worry) and now he has a fun loving dog who loves to wrestle and then just curl up and snuggle.
Welcome to the forum,
Kaylee and your son are just adorable together, such buddies. Your friend is a great friend to get you a golden of your own. Glad you have joined us and I hope you will jump in on any discussions that interest you.
Welcome to you and Kaylee. She's a pretty girl.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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