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Hi everyone

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I'm Inge, and new to this forum (although you wouldn't say that looking at the hours I looked things over...).I live in Connecticut and I don't have a golden yet, but I am using this forum to get more knowledgable. This forum provides so many different ways to get to know the breed...Last weekend I went up to see a breeder who is expecting a litter in October, but I walked away because the dam did not have an elbow clearance, having read on the forum and the GRCA site how important the 4 major clearances are. It was hard though, because there was another litter with 3 week old pups in the house...
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Welcome to the forum,
I know it is hard to walk away when there are the cutest little puppies but sometimes it is better in the long run. Good luck in your search for a puppy for you and your family.
Welcome to the forum! It is excellent that you are educating yourself before buying your puppy - the perfect puppy will find you soon enough!
Welcome neighbor, I live across the Dam. Anytime you would like a golden fix, you can meet Daisy. She is the sweetest, most spoiled princess around.
Hi and welcome to the forum:wavey:
Best of luck on your puppy search, the wait can be torture!
Welcome and good for you on looking carefully. Someone here may be able to help you with a breeder in your area. I drove a several hours to another state to find one I was happy with this time. We loved out first golden dearly, but she had a lot of medical problems & at the time we got her didn't have accesss to all the info on line like now.
Thank you all for wellcoming me. I found a very good breeder quite near where I live, and am waiting for the puppies to be born, hopefully coming weekend. This forum gives so much information!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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