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Hey, mom, look at this nice pillow!

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Bailey thinks that her friend Buddy is quite comfortable. I don't think Buddy is too pleased.


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That looks like a super soft pillow. Do you think they sell them at Walmart?
that is adorable
Great picture!!
LOL. Hey cats are good for something after all. :p:
Very cute! My cats do just the opposite. Tucker doesn't move.
That's so cute. Goldens just don't get the concept that someone wouldn't be pleased to have their head resting on them.
That's adorable! My cat wouldn't tolerate that! :p: He doesn't wanna have anything to do with Molly!
Same here, except Gilmour says "Hey Dad, look at this nice Floss!".

omg how cute!!! I know in our house, Mindy would NOT be tolerating that! haha The closest they get is Mindy's head entirely inside of Molson's mouth :doh:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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