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Here's Newbie!!

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I am so proud to introduce the new baby boy, Newbie! He's 2mos old and 22 lbs and is fitting into our family perfectly! He's so playful and loving and I am so glad he is really good at going potty OUTSIDE!! :D He's also crate trained already and I'm just so happy he's ours! (Don't tell anyone, but secretly I'm pretty excited that he prefers me over my boyfriend...that's never happened with an animal before! :p ) There are so many more adorable pics, but this will do for now!


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He is so cute love the rug picture Honey lays like that it looks so funny.
Welcome Newbie like the name too.:wave:
Welcome Newbie. He is so darned cute. I love the one of him stretched out on the floor with the frog legs. Great to hear he is being a perfect puppy for you.
What a doll! Great pictures!
hi from the other side of Washington! he is unbelievably cute -- I love his little pink tongue and very black nose. His color is beautiful
The first thing I said when he sprawled out on the floor was "Look honey! He matches!" I think we'll have to keep him. ;)
Welcome little Newbie! :D He's so adorable! Love his color!
What a cutie! I love his color and he has a nice head on him! He's a big boy at 22 lbs, hehehe. Congratulations on the new addition!
Aw, Newbie is adorable. I especially like the frog-dog pose. It's cool that he likes you better. Be careful though or you'll end up like me. I can't go anywhere without two golden noses right up my butt, LOL. Not sure when they crossed over from preferring me to being co-dependent on me. It's okay though cause they love me and I love them too. I am sure you are gonna have a great relationship with Newbie and many fun years and wonderful memories made.
So cute and so tuckered out! Puppy life is good.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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