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her face is swollen. What to do?

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Hi folks,
I just joined. My Golden, Annie, is 10 years old. She developed a cyst and a vet wanted to operate. We were reluctant and took her to a "holistic" vet that we really liked. Before we did, the first vet put her on antibiotics. Two days later, her face swelled up. We gave he Benadryl this morning and will give her more tonight. She's been acting differently than normal. She never strays from our property (we live way out in the country and she's out most of the day), but she disappeared for a while and we found her on our neighbor's porch. Very different behavior for her. Anybody had to deal with swelling? We don't think it's a bee sting or anything like that, although..who knows? Thanks.
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I would want to make sure that the cyst is not causing the swelling or interfering with her brain. Don't know if it would be visible on x-ray. Hopefully, the swelling is just a reaction the antibiotics, but I've never heard of that causing such behavior changes. Please get her seen in the am, and keep us posted. Sending good healing thoughts to Annie.
Im sorry that Annie is having these problems. I dont know what to say about the swelling. I would call your vet first thing in the morning. Maybe there is something wrong with her brain...because of the change in dog did this when she was very old. Mine wandered away and did not seem happy at all when we found her..she was missing for a few hours and we were really scared. She was one that Never left our yard. I hope you find out what is bothering your girl. Oleaase keep us informed and my prayers are with her.
No offense, and I guess I must be getting known for my blunt opinions, but I would not trust hollistic medicine with my life or the life of a loved one. Sores, sprains, etc. sure. Cancer, phenmonia, cysts not a chance. Going through what you are going through must be so very hard, and I can understand you not wanting to do something so invasive but most of the time, doctors know best. Getting a 2nd opinion would be better if you didn't agree with your vets diagnosis. Holistic, at that age and with that symptom, that's not for me.

I think you should maybe get a second opinion from a specialist vet with growths, etc. (not the holistic kind.) You asked for opinions and mine are always free flowing. I really hope that your doggy is feeling better soon. I love my old girl so much too. Sometimes I want so badly to stop time for her.
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Sounds like the swelling cold be an allergic reaction to the antibiotic but I don't know about the confusion/behavior change. That is scary. Please get another opinion.
Don't give anymore antibiotic until you get it checked.
Don't give anymore antibiotic until you get it checked.

I agree.
I agree with not giving her any more antibiotics until you talk to the vet. They can cause an allergic reaction. I remember a person on the forum having that same problem. Keep using the benedryl to get the swelling down. It could still be a bug bite.
Where is the cyst located? If it is located anywhere where it could be causing the swelling or causing problems with her breathing, then I would contact an emergency vet. Just to be on the safe side. If you do not want to do sugery, before cancelling the idea, get a second opinion. Sometimes it is needed to remove them.
The swelling could be a reaction to the antibiotics. My old girl Bailey had a bad skin infection this summer and was put on the normal round of antibiotics and had a bad reaction to it. Hers came on quicker it was within hours and her face puffed up like a balloon. She near went out of her mind running up and down the stairs pacing and crying,crewing her paws and would not let us touch her. Called the vet and said to give her Benadryl and try the meds again the next day as he was sure she must have been stung by something instead of a reaction to the antibiotics. Well the second reaction came on faster than the first and her breathing became laboured. I rushed her to the after hours clinic and they gave her a steriod shot.
I would not give her anymore of the antibiotics until I talked to my vet. In our case we decided to battle her infection with shampoo and Zeasorb powder. In your case with a cyst I would want a second opinion, better safe than sorry.
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This coming strictly from a human point of view. Ive experinced an allergic reaction to some very powerful and exotic antibiotics. Trust me get the side effects are bad for humans much less our beloved furbabies take her back the vet that gave her the antibiotics and have her retested for ANY type of allergic reaction.

I also that you guys can get her issues resolved. They're o so special to us all.


I just emld. Larry to call the vet immediately and to stop antibiotics until he has checked with vet and also told Larry to have the vet check her teeth.

one of my Sammies had a terribly infection tooth and an abscess, which we didn't know-we get them checked every year, but Gizmo's muzzle was very swollen on one side so we took him to vet immediately and that's when they found him. His tooth had to be removed immediately-the infection could have traveled to his brain.
To all who gave me advice about Annie,
God bless you. Thanks so much for your generosity, your kindness and your love. I know Goldens are great. Now I know that their owners are as well (chicken and egg: were you great and got your dog(s) or did the dogs make you great?).

Annie is doing really well. We took her off the antibiotics and a "holistic" vet gave her a shot of a homeopathic remedy, some homeopathic pills and a salve to rub on the cyst (which she popped). When I took Annie back to our regular vet, he was impressed with how well she is doing.

We may still want to have surgery for Annie on her cyst but, for now, that won't be necessary. We're watching to see if there's any recurrence of the cyst and/or any other symptoms.
All the best,
Larry Barkan
Whoo hoo! Great news.
I use itchyammol ointment to get my old guy's boil/cyst to come to a head. It stays down for a while and then recurs. I am not willing to risk anesthesia unless it gets way worse than it currently is. He does get antibiotics for a week if it flares up too badly. I consider this to be more of a maintenance issue.
Has Annie shown any more signs of confusion? I hope not.
Give her a hug for me.
Good news. I hope she continues to do well.
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