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HI All,

Posting again about Hemangiosarcoma and the Modiano Lab Clinical Trial at the University of Minnesota.

(see Modiano Lab - Cancer Info and Modiano Lab - Cancer Info - Hemangiosarcoma)

We are currently in conversations with the lab about enrolling Ivy in the clinical trial. She had a spleenectomy to remove the ruptured tumor and is now being treated with herbal, holistic and diet methodologies. Ivy met an oncologist to discuss chemotherapy yesterday but before we do we are heavily weighing the clinical trial option. It is a target toxin that is directed at the hemangiosarcoma, this along with std chemotherapy is thought to kill these highly resistant to chemo cancer cells.

I was hoping someone out there has had experience with this treatment and could lend some help. I just want to make sure we are doing whats right for IVY so any information positive or negative relating to this treatment would be helpful. The trial is in Minnesota so before making the Trek (from RI where we reside) I wanted to get all the information we can!

Thanks to so many for the kind words and thoughts.. it helps more than you know (or unfortunately for many of you .. you do know).

Thanks to the Modiano lab for researching and trying to fight this horrible disease that sneaks up and takes way to many of our beloved goldens.

Ivy is a fighter as are we! Help us make the right choice for her treatment.. all comments are welcome.

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