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Hi hav a 6 month old golden retriever puppy he's a male, he's so wonderful to hav, but he comes with a few issues, i need help on real bad, he loves to play bite alot if were playing fetch he'll stop and go for my hands and arms nothing that causes pain just annoying, i sometimes go to pet him and he just wants to bite my hands, and even the smallest rub and he's throwing his head all over the place to bite. He's always jumping on us even when we say no, then he jumps at us and clicks his teeth, and he's always pulling on our clothes, what should we do:uhoh: i don't hav the heart to hit him, any help would be great.
Brian's Routine: Morning We play for about 30 minutes, then he's in the crate for about 6 hours giv or take, Evening: then we play before i eat supper, then my wife and walk him about a mile a night when time pemits itself, play some more before bedtime the i usually leave him alone for an hour then i put him to sleep about 10;30- 11
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Welcome to GRF. Your first post is a very common theme here. :p: Don't be discouraged as most golden puppies are little land sharks with razor sharp teeth. You can find lots of threads dealing with this issue but I will try to give you a quick recap: When your pup nips give and exaggerated "OUCH" and offer him a chew to as a replacement. When the pup bites the chew toy say "Good Boy" in your happiest/highest voice you can muster. If your home is like most golden puppy homes there will always be a chew toy within arms reach. Now just repeat this exercise 100 times per day and your pup will catch on I promise. :p: Most of us have been through the very same scenario....hang in there it does get much better.

PS we LOVE puppy pictures.
We have a 7 month old and a 9 month old puppy who behave the same way as your puppy....mind you, our 9 month old is getting much better. When I get home from work and let them out of their runs, I used to get the jumping, biting, etc. What I do is totally ignore them until they sit and settle down..only then do I acknowledge them and give them affection. I find this really hard because when I get home, I just want to give them a big hug because I've missed them so much during the day. However, it does help them realize that the jumping and biting don't get them anything and sitting down, relaxing, gets them lots of affection.
What worked best with my dog when he was nipping/jumping was to give him a time out in a small bathroom ( I didn't use the crate b/c I didn't want him to think of the crate as punishment).

You can ignore the dog but that is hard to do if he is running after you and biting your pants. So we would not say anything and lead him to the bathroom for a 1-2 minute timeout. He learned very fast that way.

Also, provide lots of chew toys and when he bites you, say ouch and then hand him a toy so he has something in his mouth and praise him for mouthing the toy and not your arm! Hang in there! My puppy was horrible with nipping and he learned very fast.
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