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This is just a friendly reminder about accounts and threads here on Golden Retriever Forum. At GRF if there comes a time you may wish a thread/post, or your account to be deleted we do not provide that action here. All accounts and threads/posts will remain. This is also stated in the registration agreement you OK’d to set up your account here. “The owners of Golden Retriever Forum reserve the right to the text of all posts you'll create in this forum and your blog and also to all pictures you'll upload to forum or our photo gallery. With exception of vulgar, sexually-oriented, threatening or messages otherwise violate of international laws or copyright laws, the owners of Golden Retriever Forum reserve the right to keep all your forum messages, private messages and blog posts active, including your user account, even if you decide to leave our forum.”

Also we have stated this as well in the first paragraph of the board rules. “This general information statement is to make all members of Golden Retriever Forum aware that we do not delete posts or threads (unless it is unwanted commercial advertising = "Spam"). Please think before you post as anything you post will leave a digital footprint for LIFE. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by using the "report post" button. Also we do not delete any user’s accounts. Requests for having a members account "closed" will no longer be accepted, unless in cases that poses as a security risk to the user(s).” Please note that closing an account does not delete it or get rid of any threads or pictures you have used under that account.

The only action we will provide for you is we can close a thread that you have started at your request if you feel you no longer want a thread open. This only prevents people from making additional posts in your thread; it does not delete the thread from view.


The GRF Forum Management Team.
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