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Registered name does not have to have anything to do with a dog's call name.

Name him something that rings a bell with you and your family + seems to match the pup or his personality, and just checks all the boxes for you. Only things that do matter is check the name in AKC to see if the name has been used before. If it has, then AKC will add roman numerals after your dog's name. And profanity is a given - don't do. :)

Also... dogs live up to their names. For luck, do not name your dog anything that you don't want your dog to do or be. No Heartbreakers or Runaround Sues!

My dogs typically have jumping - or some other air lifting action in their names, for luck. My 2 babies have references to sky, birds, flying, etc... in their names. Although even that may change over time. I was sitting down in our driveway looking up our hill after my dogs who were nosing around while the golden leaves from our walnuts flew down, catching the sunlight on their way... and somewhat thought that my next dog may have a name like "Golden Afternoon" or such. Who knows. ;)

My first thought was that it would be so very tempting to make "Dromara's Big Drama" or something with Drama in there. :)
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