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Help with puppy diarrhea!!

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My poor baby has had diarrhea twice today. Once about 5 this morning, then again just now. All the times in between his poo has been normal. He seems to be acting fine, should I be worried? I hate feeling like I can't do anything for him.
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You might try feeding some boiled hamburg and rice (mostly rice) for a few days. If it doesn't clear up in a day or two you should see your vet or if you notice any change in activity level. Puppies can become dehydrated quickly so don't take any chances.
Oh, I was dumb enough to google it and now I'm terrified! I'm calling the vet first thing in the morning to take him in.
Hopefully it is nothing but I'm sure seeing the vet will give you peace of mind. Please keep us posted.
It could be a virus or it could be something he ate. Keep an eye on him and if he doesnt get any better then I would get him to the vet. Especially since the weekend is coming up. The boiled hamburger and rice works well. Hopefully it will be nothing or something easily treated with antibiotics. Also make sure he gets enough water. If he doesnt want to drink put alittle chicken broth in it.
Bailey did that when I first brought her home. She ate something she wasn't suppose to. She had diarrhea'd in the house, thankfully it was in the kitchen and eaiser to clean up. It was only for one day and the next day she was fine.
Did you give your pup any treats that may have been recently recalled? If not, I always make a quick trip or place a call to the Vet.
We haven't given him any treats yet, because he's still so little and I didn't want it to bother his tummy. Plus, I'm feeding him the same food the breeder was so I don't think it's that either. The vet opens any minute and I'm going to give them a call. Thanks for all the responses.
No food for about 6 hours, lots of water. Next meal feed chicken and rice.
I would definitely call the vet this morning. He is a young puppy. He can become dehydrated quickly.
Ok the vet can get him in at 11:30. Until then I won't be giving him anything to eat (which makes me feel bad, but it's better than upsetting his tummy). I will let you all know what she says!
If you can bring in a sample of his stool, that could help the vet in his diagnosis.

yes, try to bring a stool sample.
You can use a Zip Lock Bag or a clean plastic container or cup.
Puppy will be fine-glad you are going to vet.
Does it matter if the stool sample sat outside in the freezing cold all night? He hasn't gone yet today (which is good I suppose), so I want to make sure I don't give her a useless sample.


I think the stool sample should still be fine since it was outside in the cold.
You can call and ask vet before you go or take it with you and tell them it was outside last night when you get there. If it's no good, they will throw it away.
Good news! She said he has a few roundworms but no big deal. She gave him some dewormer and gave me some more to give him in 2 weeks. This is the first time I've seen this vet and I absolutely loved her! She didn't think I was being a worry wart either! Thanks everyone for all your helpful responses!
So glad

SO glad that the news for Murphy is good!!

It never hurts to have the vet take a look see!!!!!!!
Glad to hear you know what it is. Hank went through a bout with diarrhea when he first came home. Always a worry with the little guys.
Good that you found out and Murphy is on the road to recovery.
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