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Help with Door Manners!

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My two golden boys go crazy with excitement when someone rings the door bell. When our company arrives they "compete" with each other on who gets the attention first. Before we added our second golden to the mix, I had Cash trained where he would wait until our guest came in and could only greet when I said it was ok. However, that flew out the window when we added Sam to the mix. Now it is all about who gets there first and all that training has gone by the wayside. What do you all do with multiple goldens who act this way when you have company. I am doing a test tonight with some friends and have told them to not pay any attention to the boys until they are calm. It seems the more attention they get the crazier they become. We shall see how this works. Any other suggestions would be great!
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I either saw this technique on tv or read about it. You're going to need 2 people plus a visitor.
After the door bells rings and the dogs run to the door and bark, have one person claim the door (get ahead of them) then give them a command to back up and sit/stay then while one person opens the door and greets the visitor the other person continually gives the dogs very yummy treats to keep their attention on you not the guest.
If you lose your dogs' attention, start again from the beginning with having someone ring the bell, get their attention, etc... You may also have to use a tastier treat for them to think you're more important.

I haven't tried this but i don't see why it wouldn't work. My guys aren't all that bad so it doesn't bother me to have them be the official greeters/inspectors.
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