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Help with AKC name ideas for Maya

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I saw a thread a little while back about AKC names, and there were great suggestions! I'm hoping for some help coming up with an AKC name for Maya. I just haven't gotten around to filling out the paperwork, even though she is 6 months old. We named her Maya because it comes from the Hebrew word for water, and she adores the water. We were originally thinking of naming her Maya Luna, just because I like the ring of it and luna is the Spanish word for moon. So, as of now, our two possibilities are:
Heartland's Maya Luna
Heartland's Splashing through the Water
I like both, but am not crazy enough about either to be sure. I'm also not sure if the kennel name needs to be in the name or not, because her breeder didn't say anything about it, so I think the Heartland part is optional. Is there an advantage to including the kennel name? I would love to hear other ideas for names for her. If it helps, her mom's name was Heartland's Macey Mcginnis and her dad's was Bear's Golden Angel's Bucca.
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Do you want her call name in her registered name? Personally, I really like your first one; Heartland's Maya Luna.
I think usually the breeder name is in the registered name.
I like the same one that Ambesi likes.
The Maya people have ruins in Mexico near Cancun. The ruins overlook the Gulf of Mexico, some beautiful views.

How about something like Heartland's Splashing in Cancun
Heartland's Luna Over Maya
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