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Relax, it will all work out. :)
If I understand this correct the problem is that you scheduled your time off and at this date will not be able to change it. It is not that the breeder is placing all the pups at 6 1/2 weeks of age.

If that is the case I would wait a few days till the pup is a full 7 weeks of age and then bring him home. You will still have most of your time off to help with the transaction and it is quite common for pups to go home a 7 weeks of age. And as your vet stated it should be ok even if you need to get the pup at 6 1/2 weeks.

Good luck and try to get some rest because not matter 6 1/2 or 8 weeks the little guy is going to run you ragged for a while! ;)
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