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Help! Our Murphy is sick...

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I know you guys will have some ideas or at least will help me calm down. Poor Murphy is a sick pupster. This morning, he had explosive diarrhea all over the guest room carpet. We ran for the neighbor's steam cleaner and called the vet. Well, my poor husband cleaned carpets most of the day while I ran Murph in and out and waited for his 4 pm appointment!

When we saw the vet, he threw up twice in the exam room--hadn't done that earlier in the day--and also had to be raced outside for more explosive pottying. The vet observed all those symptoms, and said he also had swollen lymph nodes in his neck.

She thinks he has giardia. He got an antiemetic shot, a bag of subcutaneous IV fluids, and Panecur and Mitronidezole (?). Plus E/N food for a few days. And she wants to see him again on Friday to see if the lymph nodes have gone down.

Tonight, I'm petting him, and I notice he has a lump on his face that was not there yesterday. It's beneath one of his eyes and slightly forward down the nose. It is about the size of a small marble and moves around when I push on it. But it's definitely new. I don't even think he had it this morning.

What in the world is going on? I'm of course feeling very worried about the various bad diagnoses that could be going on!

Thanks, everyone...
:) Amanda
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I'm sorry that you are so worried - I know how sometimes it seems that when it rains it pours. I highly doubt that the lump you are feeling has to do with the diarrhea or vomiting... you are most likely just overly anxious right now and are on "high alert" me, I have been there...and know that feeling - not fun!

Giardia sounds very possible...I would keep monitoring him and following the vet's instructions. Make sure he is drinking LOTS of water - with diarrhea/vomiting, they can get dehydrated so easily, and that can cause major problems. When our girls have had stomach issues in the past - we have used a syringe to give them Pepto Bismol, and have found it REALLY helps settle their tummies. Some on here might suggest you feed him rice and ground beef, as that might be easier on his tummy right now. I know you will get a ton of advice on here, just remember to breathe and tell yourself "this too shall pass". I'll be thinking of you and Murphy - and I hope everything is figured out really soon!
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So sorry that Murph is not feeling well. I'd be inclined to trust your vet. I wouldn't be too concerned about lumps at this point especially if and infection has caused one of his lymphnodes to swell. Give the meds a few days to work and I think Murph will be as good a new. Please keep us posted.
If he has an infection his lymph nodes could be swollen from that. Try to relax and not worry, hard to do, I know. We will all say a prayer that Murphy is going to be ok and it is guadia. Make sure he drinks alot of fluids and if you find he is not, then put a little bit of chicken broth in his water. And call the vet if he is not better in the next 24 hours. (((HUGS)))
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Thank you so much, everyone! Great advice...I will remember that about the chicken broth especially. We go to the dog park at least 3X a week, and the vet said giardia is likely b/c of that (he drinks out of the fountain there, often with two other dogs sharing the bowl! He loves other dogs so much.).

And I will try to calm down, too. :) This reminds me of having my first baby. Because it was all new and he couldn't speak, every little thing got us on high alert--a rash, a fever, a fall. With our second child, we'd seen it all already and we knew what most things were. Murphy is our first dog in many years, and since we raised our only other one from a pup, he had fewer health issues all along. So we are like new parents all over again! When my husband was running the Bissell cleaner for hours yesterday, he was reminding me of some of our less-than-glamourous days dealing with baby poop. LOL! Funny how happy those memories are years later!

Hugs to you all. I'll keep you posted!
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Awesome of you to worry about the well being of Murphy much more than the nasty mess he left on your carpet. Good pet owners!! I hope that the medicine works and he is back to normal soon!
Sending healing thoughts and prayers for Murphy. Please keep us posted.
Everyone, I appreciate your reassurance and kind wishes! I know I freaked out and ran over here to post--mostly b/c of the weird lump on Murphy's face. It's still there, though smaller. We went from the terrible diarrhea to the extreme opposite--no poop since Monday night, LOL. But I guess that's good since he was emptied out & dehydrated a bit at the vet on Monday. He's eating well and drinking plenty...he's had 4 doses of his meds so far, and yesterday he actually wanted to play with his stuffed duck. So I guess we are on the mend! And I highly recommend the Bissell home carpet cleaner. I seriously thought we were looking at replacing our carpet. He had dark brown stains, dribbles, and puddles EVERYWHERE in our guest room and living room. But repeated use of that Bissell? House looks great. This one belongs to our pet-loving neighbor, but now we are asking for one for Christmas. :)

Hopefully I'll be able to post on Fri. that Murph's lymph nodes are down--he's going in for a recheck. Thanks again!
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I'm so glad to hear Murphy's feeling better.
Glad Murphy is on the mend.... keep us posted.
I am so glad Murphy is on the mend.
I would tell you to calm down, but that would be calling the kettle black! I am a basket case when I think something is wrong.
I hope Murphy's recheck on Friday is wonderful! HUgs and prayers for you both.
Good to hear your boy's GI tract has settled down. Fingers crossed that the lump's gone by Friday, but if not, ask the vet to do a needle aspirate if he doesn't think it's a swollen lymph node.
I am so glad that he is feeling better. Hopefully he is finally over it and well on the road to recovery.
I just saw this post, Im so glad Murph is doing better. Boy they worry us sometimes, dont they?? Good thoughts and prayers on the way!
So glad Murphy is doing better. One suggestion I've heard before & used with success - Keep a can or 2 of canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling) on hand - it somehow helps on both extremes of the "poop spectrum."
Fidele, I just bought a can of pumpkin last night! Haven't tried it out yet, but will add it to his EN food tonight. He seems to be feeling fine--eating, chasing cats, jogged around w/me outside. BUT he has not pooped since the last bout of diarrhea MONDAY night. Doesn't that seem ridiculously long? I know he must have cleaned out his entire system that day, but still. He's drinking plenty and peeing normally. And the little lump on his face seems to be gone?

Man, I wish they could talk!
Cedar loves his pumpkin! Many people feed several spoonfuls with each meal, but I tend to only use it when he gets "irregular" - Sometimes meds go a little overboard & stop too much, but if he's feeling better, I bet you'll have a "production" soon. Glad he seems to be doing better - and so glad that pesky knot/lump went away too!
I'll be waiting and praying for the poop brigade!
LOL, isn't it funny how excited we can get about the "production" finally kicking back in? I used to be the same way with my babies...and DH and I would have whole conversations about it, before bursting out laughing at ourselves!

So this morning, he comes back inside with Murph and announces, "The eagle has landed!" Bwahahaha!

Looks like we're OK here. Back to the vet tomorrow morning for the recheck. Hugs to everyone for your encouragement!
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