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Help name our new puppy!

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We decided to get a rescue puppy this time.

She is about 6 months old, and about 30lb ish, not sure exactly(forgot to ask) she is some sort of retriever x, possible husky or chow.

I would love some name suggestions for this sweet little girl.

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WOW Shes a beauty..Im not so good at picking names...ummm Midnight, Callie, Stella, CoCo, Bliss, Lucky
I can't help with a name but she sure is a little beauty.
I like the name Roxy but my family is not so crazy about it. I do have the final say since I am the main care giver.
What do you think about Roxy?
I like the name Roxy :)
How about Ebony? Whatever you choose, she is adorable!!
She's really pretty. I like Raven.
She's beautiful......I've never had a female dog but said if I ever got one, I would name her either Aspen or Eden......
I like the name Spirit and Roxy too. She is gorgeous and I think she is retriever/chow mix.
Roxy is cute... pick what makes you happy ! :)
I like Hannah.
Coralline! Her dark hair reminds me of that little girl!
Cinder.... :)
cute i like roxy alot but if i were u i would pick somthing the whole family likes becouse she goiing to be with u for a long time it took me almost to days to name my dog(lynnzie) but heres a suggestion
any way good luck:):):)
Cinder.... :)
Now that's cute!
what city, town or county did she come from?
Dahlia, Bea, Beans, Harley, Brooklyn, Aspen, Kalua, Georgia, or Raven
Are there any names you are leaning towards?
It's a Nellie puppy! So cute, looks just like Nellie as a pup, (Nellie is lab X golden retriever) :) I have often thought that I should have named Nellie Raven or Shadow. Congrats! I'll enjoy seeing her grow up!

Forgot to mention, if she doesn't work out, send her my way ;) :)
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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