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Help! Chewing and Destruction...

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Hi guys, I am here to get HELP!
Hula is one year old and came to live with us in July (she was a rescue) Her first month she was perfect! Potty trained and very well behaved, no jumping, no biting, no barking.
Then this month, she has started chewing things. It started with underwear, then the straps of my bras, now she has graduated to pillows, other clothing, my sons toys... i don't know what to do! HELP.
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I agree with SheetsSM regarding "puppy proofing" your house and providing lots of appropriate toys and constant supervision until she proves unquestionably she can be trusted. Also, makes sure she gets plenty of exercise. Many times dogs will be destructive if they don't have the proper vent for all that energy. She is also an adolescent where she will test her boundaries for probably the next year. Patience, training, guidance and lots of love are key.
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