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Hello everybody.
My name is Aditya, i'm from India.
Stumbled across this forum just yesterday and signed up pronto :)
I recently lost my female golden named Gilloo to cancer on the 19th of september.
I was never aware that cancer is so prevalent amongst this breed until I read up on the net and after going through the Rainbow Bridge section (which is wonderful btw). Losing our dog was heartbreaking and after coming to know about the cancer we had firmly decided that our next dog won't be a golden but deep inside i knew we couldn't get any other breed so after contemplating a lot we have again decided to get a golden :)
We've also decided to get a JRT pup too but only after the golden is around 5-6 months old.
I've located this litter of pups which is born on the 4th of Oct (~20 days old). The breeder has sent me the pics, and i have to book my pup by selecting between two females, am attaching pics. The pup i've tagged with a red mark is the one i'm thinking of getting and i just had a few queries.
in the second and third pic why does the pup look so snub nosed? kind of like a mastiff? is it because its so small? cuz i've never seen pics of golden pups so young, i got my Gilloo when she was 8 weeks old and her nose was not like this at that time. Also would you please tell me your general opinion about these pups? Their pedigree is impeccable, which brings me to another question, is it true that the purer the bloodline the more likely is the dog likely to suffer from breed specific diseases? :(
Now i'm off to read through the forums, lot to learn from here :)
Will post pics of my Gilloo in the Rainbow Bridge section


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Welcome to the forum. So sorry of your loss of Gilloo. Those golden puppies look perfect to me. Trust me the noses will grow to normal looking golden noses.
Welcome! What a gorgeous little girls! Are you sure they're only 20 days old? I went to see my newborn puppy yesterday (at 10 days old), and if I compare the two yours sure has a lot more fluff already. But maybe mine will look the same in 10 more days!The noses look pretty much the same!
Thanks for the replies :)
@inge, yes i am pretty sure they are 20 days old cuz the breeder has some of the best goldens in India and has a very good reputation so i dont think they will misinform me about the age
Dont worry the nose will be grown out at 8 weeks. Personally I love the little one on the right in the first picture and the one on the left in the last picture. She is alittle darker and that face just speaks to me. But I would take both.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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