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Hi everyone!

I'm Elena from Singapore. I am a first-time dog mum.

And this is Bailey.

She was born on 25 June 2017, so she's about 2.5 years old now. Her favourite activity is playing in the pool. Her second favourite activity is eating - all kinds of food (but she is allergic to chicken). She loves car rides. She has to go in the front seat or she'll climb everywhere trying to look out of all the different windows and sniffing our heads. She's a smart but stubborn dog who is suspicious of large objects (eg. inflatable tube men, animal statues, lawnmowers, billboards with life-size photos of people).

Bailey in the front seat of the car

I am a member of the local Golden Retriever club, and I joined this forum because one of the other members shared a link to one of the threads here. I am looking forward to participating in the discussions here and looking at everyone's doggy pictures!
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