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Hello from the Niagara Region of Canada

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Hello all!

Signed up the other day and thought I would drop in and say hi!
My big fella Kelev is an 8 year old GR. He is very white...which belies his mischievous tendencies. Kelev is my third golden.
I live with him and my other owner, a 5 yr old shepphard/hound cross. At least I think thats what he is. Anyway, his name is Jack...and him and Kelev are inseparable. VERY inseparable.
One trip to a local groomer (the last time we were allowed I warned them not to seperate the two of them. No problem, they said. When I returned to pick up the boys, I noticed and enormous hole in the wall.
'Your dog did that!!' I was told.
Apparently they took Jack into the back to the bath without Kelev and left Kelev tethered to the wall. He managed to pull out the hook that his lead was attached to...unfortunately he took out the wall stud with the hook. The frightened him causing him to lunge forward and the wall remnants began chasing him..cause they were tethered to him...which made it worse. He wiped out a few display cases and caused a fair amount of damage.

Now, I found it far more amusing than they did. Kelev is 90 pounds and very strong. He can easily pull me at 190 pounds, right off my feet.

He is also the sweetest and most gentle dog around. He did not start out that way however. When he was young he was, I thought, completely insane. His favorite game was to hide behind the couch and when my then-wife would walk by, lunge out a-la-mountain-lion-attack and bite her in the butt.
He has an insatiable appetite for all things paper...kleenex, mail, cash..whatever I do not get out of his reach. Luckily Jack is quite a tattle-tale and I find out pretty quick.
kelev is quick to bring all guests a gift, maybe a chewy, a toy, a shoe or something from the laundry hamper.
He is a bull in a china shop...except with kids when he becomes very gentle, quiet and patient.
Occasionally him and Jack will team up on me and regale me with a 5 minute, no good reason, bark fest. Like I said..they are inseparable.

I have some pics of them as well as some of my gf's two collies. The four together, when the collies come to visit, creates quite the madhouse.
Here's a link..

Looking forward to helping where I can. I have a day job, but by night I do web design and am learning photography. Feel free to add me on facebook!

Rick O'Banion
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Hello and welcome. Kelev and jack sound like great dogs. Feel free to post pics here too. Everyone loves pictures.
Hello and welcome. Kelev and jack sound like great dogs. Feel free to post pics here too. Everyone loves pictures.
I just looked at the pictures. What beautiful friends you have!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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