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Hello from the Chicago suburbs

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I would like to finally offer my introduction after having used this awesome site numerous times for advice on raising my first golden retriever. My golden, whose name is Barkley, is just a little over 6 months old (born 4-18-09). She has been an amazing dog so far and everything I could have imagined for my first golden. She was actually just spayed today so she is a little more quiet then normal. She is normally full of the joy and love for life as only seen in a golden. I would like to thank everyone on this site for all of their helpful advice so far and hopefully I can offer some advice of my own as I gain experience in raising my puppy.


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Hi and welcome! She's adorable!
Where do you hail from? I'm from SW of the City, about 15 minutes due South of New Lenox, in a tiny town no one has ever heard of, LOL.
Welcome! Barkley is a beautiful girl!!
Welcome to GRF. Your Barkley is a gorgeous girl. Please make yourself at home here.
Welcome to the forum! Hope you're enjoying the sunny weather today. :wavey:
Welcome to GRF! As you have already discovered, this is an awesome place to hang out!
Welcome to the forum,
Barkley is just beautiful. Just wait trying to keep her from jumping and running while she has her stitches. It will be alot of fun. Use this time to do some trick training to wear her mind out.

Welcome to you and Barkley-she is just beautiful!!!!

I'm Karen and I live in Woodridge, Illinois, around Downers Grove, Illinois.

We have a rescued Female, Golden Ret. named Smooch who is 10 years old and a 9 year old Male Samoyed, named Snobear!

Berkley is gorgeous! Same birth date as my Golden, Trapper! Funny, they look a lot alike too. Same color coat. I grew up south of Chicago in Lemont. Now I'm in Southern WI.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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