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Hello from Scotland

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My name is Eileen and I have an almost 2 yr old Golden Retriever called Logie. He is our second retriever as sadly we lost our first one in July. Lora was only 3.5 years old but she had so many health problems, i.e. a liver shunt and heart problems. She was a gorgeous girl though and so sweet natured and that's why we wanted another one. Logie is a dark golden working type retriever but Lora was lighter coloured and a mix of working and show breeeding. We also have a yellow labrador called Ben.

Had a quick look round this site and have been really impressed as there seems to be nothing golden retrieve specific in the UK.

I've attached a photo of Logie and Lora taken earlier this summer.



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What beautiful goldens, so sorry to hear about Lora. Welcome to the forum, I am from N.Yorks and have 5 year old Tilly and a 3 year old crossbreed called Harry. Hope you enjoy it here!
Welcome to the forum.

I'm so sorry to hear about Lora, she was beautiful.

I love the picture of them both. Logie is a handsome fellow. I'm glad you found us and can share you're love of Goldens with us.
Welcome! Great looking goldens. Sorry for your loss of Lora, she was so very young.

This is a great place and very addicting!
Welcome...sorry to hear of your Lora....
Love the intense look in their faces....not sure they could have been more happy in that moment.
Welcome to the forum.
I am so sorry to hear of your loss.
What beautiful dogs and what a beautiful picture!!!

I am currently owned by an 8 1/2 month old golden named Timber and love every minute of it!!!!
There is nothing like the love these canine souls give us.
Looking forward to more pics of your beautiful boy:)
Welcome to the forum! I am so sorry for the loss of Lora.
Labs and Goldens are great together!
Welcome to GRF. Your pups are gorgeous. So sorry about your early loss of Lora. We have members from all around the globe so please make yourself at home here.
Welcome to the forum,
We have alot of members from the UK and they have a social group too. If you go to the top under the golden picture it says community it is under social groups. Glad you have joined us. That picture of Logie and Lora is just gorgeous. Sorry about your loss of your sweet girl. Would love to see pictures of your lab too.

I have three goldens Bama 2yrs, Pawley 2yr 7mo and Daisy 7-8 yrs. Pawley and Daisy are foster dogs that I just couldnt part with and adopted. But still do foster. I also have an american eskimo Shelby and 3 cats.
Welcome Eileen from Georgia USA:wavey:

Lora was a very nice looking girl and 3.5 years is to young. The picture of her and Logie is wonderful they both do have an intense but happy look on their faces!

Glad you are here.
Al & Tuff Dog
Welcome Eileen from Maryland, USA! What a great picture of Lora and Logie! I'm so sorry you lost Lora at such a young age.
Hey Eileen, welcome to the forums. I'm really sorry about Lora shes was so pretty.

Love your pic it's awesome.
Thanks for your welcomes.

It was really sad to lose Lora and we all miss her as she had the most perfect nature. However, she had suffered so much in her short life and was so brave. Our vet warned us her life would be short and when we asked her how we would we know when enough was enough she told us we would just know.

I took her to the vet on the morning of the 28th July and although I went in hoping they could help her, deep down I knew she had had enough. We will never forget her and as a family we will always be grateful to her for showing us what a lovely breed the Golden Retriever is.

I've hopefully attached another photo of her which I think shows what a gentle girl she was.

Thanks again for your welcomes and look forward to reading more posts and seeing more photos. I notice there a lot of dark goldens on here which is nice to see as it seems to be mainly the blond show type ones that we see. Lora was a blond girl but her mother was dark golden and was related to Logie though their great grandparents.

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Welcome to the forum. I am Patsy and I am from N yorkshire. That is the sweetest photo I have ever seen. Really, really lovely. Deserves to be on the calendar! So sorry you lost her.
Hey welcome! Where in Scotland are you? I stay in the Western Isles and previously stayed in Inverness. You've found yourself a great forum!
Hello from Janine & Chester in Maryland...I love the last shot with the duck so cute.
Hi and welcome to the forum its a good place to be and i love down the other end of the country in Dover Kent.
Lora was truly a wonderful and beautiful Golden
Hey welcome! Where in Scotland are you? I stay in the Western Isles and previously stayed in Inverness. You've found yourself a great forum!
Hi Weedrea

I live near Oban so on the same side as you. My mother's mother came from Harris and I still have some relations out there and in Lewis.

Hoping to visit Harris next year as I love it out there.

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