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Hello! I found this forum 2 weeks ago and it has been SO helpful I decided to come out of the shadows and do a proper introduction :wave:
I am Maira, photographer, Brazilian, living in Stockholm - Sweden, married to Jaanus, who is Estonian, and mother of a Swedish puppy! Now I know I am not that interesting... let's introduce the one who really matters:

Astro!!! He was born the 26th January 2013 and is turning 11 weeks tomorrow. He loves eating grass, stealing our shoes and cuddling with us, and is a very smart dog, although very stubborn! I have uploaded some photos of him in an album, but later realized there was some kind of community album and now I don't know how to share his photos with you - any help is appreciated!

Well, that's it for now!
Maira and Astro
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