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Hello from Ireland

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Hi! My name is Lucy, & the smiling little fella in my profile picture is my Hudson! He's a 2 year old English type Golden Retriever!

There isn't much in the way of Golden Retriever fan clubs where I come from, so it's hard to find people to chat to about them. I'm hoping I'll find that here though!

I got Hudson two years ago mainly as a companion for myself. He's my first dog, and honestly, I feel as though no dog I may own in the future will ever match up to him! I got him from a breeder in a little town called Athlone, in the centre of Ireland. It's the same town where my mother was born & where my graandparents were married. In fact, they were married by the Hudson Bay - hence the name! :)

So that's me & Hudson! I'm hoping that the two of us will make many wonderful friends here! I have plenty of photos, videos & stories to share, & I can't wait to see read more about all of you & your wonderful dogs too!
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Welcome from across the pond! Hudson is a handsome lad:) You'll find no shortage of people to talk goldens with here, and bragging about your pup through photos is a must.
Welcome, Welcome. I think you have found the hub of golden chatter here at GRF. You have a fine looking pup there and I hope we get to see lots more of him. Please make yourself at home here and post often. We love golden pictures here. :D
Welcome from Georgia,USA ...Lucy and Hudson:wavey:
You have hit the jackpot if your looking for people to share the joys of owning a Golden Retriever with. Your feelings toward Hudson are the same many of us feel towards our best friends.

Glad to have you here and look forward to hearing more about you and your pup.
Al & Tuff Dog
Welcome. I had a delightful bicycle tour of SW Ireland a few years ago. Beautiful country, and Hudson is a beautiful dog! I know there is at least one other Irish member of GRF.
Welcome to you and Hudson,

He is a handsome boy. We love pictures and videos so share away. There is a social group with UK members here that might have some people in your area. It is located at the top under Community.
Glad you have joined us. I have three goldens Bama 2yrs, Pawley 2 yrs 6 mo, Daisy 7-8 and an american Eskimo Shelby.
Welcome to you and Hudson, you came to the right place, we love pictures, stories and away..LOL
Welcome to you and Hudson!! He is adorable, glad you joined us!
Welcome Lucy and Hudson!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!
Hi and welcome to the site i have 2 goldens Daisy and Charlie that come from Irish Retriever rescue they have a web site but not like this.
I live in Dover in Kent but i hope to get to Ireland within the next couple of years.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Hudson is a handsome boy.
Welcome to you and Hudson! I've also travelled in Ireland, mostly Northern Ireland, Dublin and Donegal back in the summer of 2002. Absolutely gorgeous country!

You'll love this site....a wealth of information and really good people!
Welcome Lucy and Hudson, I am Mom to two year old Chester and soon to come home (10-17) baby Murphy.
This is a little belated but welcome to the forum! Glad you stumbled upon us and hope that you share lots of stories and pictures of your beautiful boy! :D
Welcome Lucy. I am Patsy from scarborough, north east england. I haven't been to Ireland either so will come with Maggie when she visits, Lol.
This is a GReat place to share stories and pics as well as meet new friends.
Looking forward to hearing more about Hudson.

Welcome to the forum! My family is originally from Ireland. My great-grandparents were born in Cork. I have been to Ireland, and it is just about the most gorgeous place I have ever seen. My mom just connected with her Irish relatives and we hope to go back to Ireland to meet them! I have found this forum to be a great place to get information, laughs, and stories about our beloved friends.
Welcome to the forum Lucy and Hudson!!!
Welcome! Hudson is very handsome!
Welcome! Glad you found us, this is a great place! Hudson is a cutie.

We have a relative with a golden named Hudson, they live in up state New York and he is named after the Hudson River. Hudson is a good dog name.

I'm Amber from Idaho and my boy's name is Winchester. He's almost four months old.

I'm so glad you found the GRF! It's an awesome place to come and share, find information, and make new friends. Hudson is very handsome! I can't wait to see more pictures and videos of him.
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