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We lost out beautiful boy Calvin on Jan 20, 2013. We still miss him so. This is a tribute to him. Heaven is Fur Real
by Carol McCartney
As I slept last night I went up high
It couldn't be real. I could Fly!
I flew up up, up in the air
It seemed to be where angels were*
Pearly gates were open, Look!
Grassy hills and babbling brook
Fields upon fields, colorful flowers
Giant trees that looked like towers
Across terrain Cherubs strewn*
Singing songs and playing tunes
Oh so peaceful was this scene
A place of rest it would seem
Is this the place I want to be?
Plunk tunes, and sing eternally...
I really think I might be bored
I hope there's more than this my Lord.*
Then an angel of sparkling Gold*
Came over the hill he ran not strode
Here and there up and down
He chased a bunny, was that allowed?
Wings were bent, halo askew
A ball in mouth and then I knew
It was my Golden Angel there*
The one named Calvin I lost last year
He was the angel in the race*
wagging tail, smiling face
I realized this was perfection
And as I lit on this reflection
That this is the place I want to be
A ringing alarm beckoned me
Awake now and in my bed
Tongues and paws about my head
My current pups the ones at hand
Accompany me through the day I've planned
But I think about the dream, that place...
Was it real? A Heaven's taste?
Then I find it like message sent
A bright gold feather frayed and bent*
Now I know where we will play
My dogs and I on that final day
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