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Heat/Season question

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It's the begining of week 3 of Piper's 3rd heat, except this one has been a little different. She's a bit........stinky... Is this normal ? or signs of a UTI starting.
Hasn't bled much, but then again Paco has been, how should we say.....diligent in cleaning her.

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I had a Wire Fox Terrier growing up that we never had spayed. She developed a Pyometra after her 8th or 9th heat and I remember there was a truly awful smell, and very little of, her discharge.
I certainly hope that's not the issue with Piper, but a vet check might be wise?
:crossfing it's nothing.
Had a cat that had that.....pus just poured out in puddles / no warning at all.
It was a trip to the emer vet that night.
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