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Hi there. Our almost 9 month old started heat 2 weeks ago today. For the first 9-10 days her drips were red, then for 2-3 days they turned light pink and clear. The normal process, as we understand it. However, the last couple days her drips are back to red. Is this anything to be concerned about? Has anyone else's girl experienced this?


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Definitely possible.
Call her breeder. Girls normally follow what their dam’s cycle was like.
Ask about color of discharge.
Ask about length of cycle.
Ask what date to watch out for her to hit her super wonderful to the boys day (happens for a few days at some point during the cycle).
Ask how many days of bleeding? Could be 19, could be 24, could be some other number.
Ask about spacing on heat cycles. Some are 6 months, some are 9 months, some are 12 months.
Ask about how heavy cycle should be.

If you don’t know who the breeder is, then you need to track all this in a log. Keep notes every day. You can check with a white paper towel to see if there is any blood and what color the discharge is. Note the size of nipples and size of vulva. Keep track of all this with dates as she progresses though her heat cycle. Then you’ll have information for the next time. Keep a log for every cycle.

Female dogs will go through heat cycles through there entire lives, they do not have menopause.
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